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Universal Holder W/Handsfree, Speaker, FM Transmitter A6

This is a Multi-functional mounting bracket clipper designed for smart phones and other portable products, Includes Cell phone Fixing, audio amplifier and FM Transmitter.


Product features:


1: Universal, suitable for all kinds of mobile phones, IPAD, game players, GPS and other portable mobile devices

2: Suitable for home/office/in-car uses

3: Hands-free function

4: Work as navigation, video playing, Car DVR

5: Transmit music from cell phone to car audio

6: Speaker/FM transmitter two modes

7: Digital Display FM transmit frequency, last memory

8: Automatic power-saving mode

9: Stable sucker clip structure

10: Built-in rechargeable lithium battery, low consumption design


Operational instruction

1: Suck the device onto proper position of glass

2: Clip the cell phone and adjust to a suitable angle

3. Connect the device with cell phone through earphone jack by the provided audio cable



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